Ice Network Prepares to Unveil Testnet and Next Phases

Ice Network

Jakarta, – The Ice Network, a prominent player in the crypto industry, is gearing up for the launch of its highly anticipated testnet and subsequent phases.

This development has garnered significant attention as Ice Network has already amassed over 1,000,000 users worldwide.

Accessible via Android and a lite web version for iOS users, Ice Network’s popularity has surged since the commencement of Phase 1, just two weeks ago.

The innovative concept of halving has been at the forefront of the excitement in the crypto space.

The halving mechanism involves a reduction in the mining rate, starting from the base mining rate of 16 ice tokens per hour.

Subsequently, the rewards are halved based on the average of active miners over the last seven days, creating a dynamic and enticing mining environment.

Phase 1 of the protocol has piqued the curiosity of users who are eager to learn more about the roadmap for the future, including the completion of Phase 2, which marks the launch of the mainnet.

While the specifics of Phase 2’s roadmap have not been revealed yet, the team has been actively engaging with the community on Twitter, addressing questions and concerns raised by users.

The team’s recent disclosure has been particularly intriguing.

They have confirmed that the testnet will be launched during Phase 1, introducing top-notch Decentralized Applications (dApps) that will enrich the Ice Network ecosystem.

In contrast to Pi Network, Ice Network will not operate on a closed mainnet system. Instead, they have set a definite date for the mainnet launch – October 7, 2024.

The roadmap and Whitepaper are scheduled to be unveiled after the active testnet phase, providing users with comprehensive insights into Ice Network’s future plans.

Excitement is building up as the community eagerly awaits the next steps in the evolution of Ice Network. ***