KM Cantika Lestari 9F Fast Ship Ready to Serve the Leppe’e Bulukumba-Selayar Route

KM Cantika Lestari 9F

Bulukumba, – Bulukumba Regency, located in South Sulawesi, is eagerly anticipating the maiden voyage of the Motor Ship (KM) Cantika Lestari 9F.

This vessel is poised to serve the Bulukumba-Selayar route, providing a more comfortable and efficient maritime transportation option for the residents of South Sulawesi.

KM Cantika Lestari 9F is a type of ferry that will regularly ply the route from Leppe’e Port in Bulukumba Regency to Benteng Port and Jampea Port in Selayar.

This inaugural sailing information was conveyed by the Branch Head (Kepala Cabang) of PT Pelayaran Dharma Indah Bulukumba, M Darwis, on Monday, October 2, 2023.

“God willing, this month (October), the inaugural sailing of KM Cantika Lestari 9F will commence,” Darwis told

He further elaborated that the vessel would soon dock at Leppe’e Port to launch its maiden voyage.

The route to be served by KM Cantika Lestari 9F is Bulukumba-Selayar, with daily departures.

Josua, one of the managers at PT. Pelayaran Dharma Indah, also confirmed the plan for the KM Cantika Lestari 9F’s service on the Bulukumba-Selayar route.

He explained that the company had planned this service to meet the transportation needs of the communities in Bulukumba and Selayar.

Before undergoing maintenance or docking, the vessel also serves the Kupang-Kalabahi route.

The KM Cantika Lestari 9F is a modern and comfortable ship.

Constructed from iron and featuring three decks, it is equipped with various facilities to enhance the sailing experience, including air conditioning, bunk beds, TV, a cafe, and sanitation facilities (Mandi, Cuci, Kakus).

The presence of KM Cantika Lestari 9F on the Bulukumba-Selayar route is expected to improve inter-island connectivity and support economic growth.

It will also cater to tourists and residents looking to explore the attractions of Bulukumba and the Selayar Islands in South Sulawesi. ***