Extraordinary, Andi Gilang Step on the Moto2 GP 2020

JAKARTA – The tiered racing coaching conducted by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) continues to show proud achievements. One of the Astra Honda Racing Team coaches, Andi Farid Izdihar (Andi Gilang), will be the representative of Indonesia in the Moto2 Grand Prix (GP) for one full season in 2020, joining the Honda Team Asia (HTA).

Previously, HTA announced the official line-up of their riders who will complete in the Moto2 and Moto3 GPs, coinciding with the 2019 Thai GP, some time ago. However, the announcement left a racer slot in the body of the Moto2 GP team. The joining of Andi Gilang became a golden opportunity for the nation’s sons to show their achievements in this world-class racing event.

Andi Gilang was chosen as the mainstay of the HTA racer to represent the best racing talents of the riders in the Asian hemisphere. Together with Thai racer, Somkiat Chantra, Andi will fight not only to bring pride to their respective countries, but also carry out the mission to carve achievements as stars from Asia.

Born in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, 22 years ago, Andi was one of the first graduates of the Astra Honda Racing School (AHRS), an event that was formed by AHM as the initial foothold in tiering racing development. Since separated from the initial coaching, Andi’s achievements continue to be engraved.

After graduating from AHRS in 2010, Andi was trained at the Asia Dream Cup in 2014 and immediately won the 6th position at the end of the season. The following year, he plunged in several events. In the Asia Talent Cup, Andi was able to become the champion in the Qatar series. Then, he also joined the endurance race championship team, Suzuka 4Hours Endurance Race and finished 2nd.

In 2016, Andi further improved his achievements in the Asia Talent Cup by securing third place in the standings. That year, Andi made his European Debut by taking part in the FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship until 2017.

Currently, Andi is concentrating on completing the Asia Road Racing Championship Supersport 600 class, and is still struggling with the 5th position of the standings. Last July, he also competed in the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance World Championship.

In the CEV Moto2 World Championship, Andi has already devoured three series through wildcards with results that did not disappoint, namely at Catalunya, Jerez, and Albacete. Wildcard Andi is left with one to use in the last series in Valencia, November 2019. He has also tasted the tight atmosphere of a world-class race while replacing Dimas Ekky Pratama at Honda Team Asia at the 2019 Moto2 GP at the Misano circuit, Italy.

Andy Wijaya, Deputy GM of AHM’s Marketing Planning and Analysis said Andi Gilang’s achievement through the world racing scene was one of the benchmarks of the success of the structured race selection program conducted by the company, in order to score achievements that brought the fragrance of the Indonesian people.

“Congratulations to Andi Gilang, AHRS’s first graduate who was able to penetrate the Grand Prix race. Hard work and strong determination from all parties to produce good results. Hopefully Andi Gilang is able to be consistent, struggle with the champion’s mentality to inspire other Indonesian riders to achieve the dream of competing on the world stage, “Andy said.

For him, a golden opportunity to compete in the MotoGP GP for one full season will be used as one of the ladder to achieve the highest dream, which is competing in the most prestigious event, MotoGP. Andi is aware, that the struggle at a higher level will not be easy.

“Thank God, I am grateful and very motivated. I will definitely always try to give my best in the full season racing experience in Moto2 GP. As much as possible I try to win points, while practicing as well as possible, “said Andi.

In his first year at the Moto2 GP, Andi targeted to quickly adapt and give his best performance to score a lot of points to give pride to Indonesia.

Editor: Jamrah

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