President: Police Authority Utilisation Must be Supported by the Latest Technological Developments

JAKARTA – In line with advancing technological developments, Police must run fast to master science and technology so they can fight against any kinds of threats towards our people, nation, and country.

When delivering the ceremony mandate in the Commemoration of the 75th Bhayangkara Day on Thursday, July 1, 2021, in the State Palace, Jakarta, President Joko Widodo reminds the Police that they have to utilise their authority wisely and responsibly.

“Police also race to master science and technology to fight against criminals. So Police’s authority usage also must be supported by the latest technological developments”, he said.

Besides, Indonesia is a country of Pancasila, a democratic nation, and a country that upholds human rights, so Police are not only demanded to be firm and indiscriminate but also must appear a public’s protectors and guardians of the society.

“Police must also have a hospitable face and serve the public. Police must be precise in conducting their duties, must be accurate in making decisions, must refer to the laws and regulations, and must uphold the community’s dignity norms”, President continued.

The Head of State also reminds that Police’s human resources must be taken into attention seriously and transparently so their characters can adjust the Police’s tasks and master the latest science and technological developments.

“To fulfil those necessities, Police’s improvement of human resources must be taken into attention seriously. Recruitments, education, and promotion must be conducted transparently and accountably”, President said.

Besides, in order to face the challenges of the times and the demands of an increasingly complex society, President asked the National Police to fix and strengthen the management and its organisation by utilising science and technology to support a modern National Police.

“Police must fix their planning policy, organising policy, budgeting policy and monitoring and evaluation comprehensively. By utilising the latest science and technological developments to support a modern National Police”, he concluded.

President was accompanied by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin; Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo; and Commander of the Armed Forces, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto. Meanwhile, other invitees and participants followed the event through video conferences from many locations across the Indonesian archipelago. (Tribrata News)

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