Indonesian Singer Keisya Levronka Faces Backlash for Unbecoming Behavior as a Guest on Volix Media’s Podcast

Indonesian Singer Keisya Levronka

Jakarta, – Indonesian singer and rising star, Keisya Levronka, has become a hot topic on Twitter today, Thursday, July 20, 2023.

Her recent appearance as a guest on the renowned podcast, Volix Media, hosted by Marlo, has stirred controversy and attracted a flurry of criticism from netizens due to her perceived impolite behavior during the show.

In the now-viral episode of the podcast, Keisya exhibited what many social media users described as a lack of decorum and tact while engaging in discussions with the host and other guests.

Keisya demeanor and communication style drew comparisons to fellow actress Nia Ramadhani, who is known for her sometimes unfiltered and disconnected remarks.

Twitter user @shavoir expressed their discomfort, noting that Keisya’s way of speaking was somewhat similar to Nia Ramadhani’s, leading to awkward and cringe-worthy moments throughout the episode.

The tweet quickly garnered attention, with many users agreeing and adding their own thoughts on the matter.

Another user, @teh_hana, shared a humorous take on the situation, claiming to have watched the podcast and finding it absurdly comical.

They pointed out that it seemed like Keisya was attempting to emulate the branding and persona of popular celebrities, but instead, her efforts fell flat, resulting in a lack of coherence and proper manners.

As the hashtag #KeisyaLevronka trends on Twitter, various opinions and reactions continue to pour in, with netizens sharing their thoughts on the episode and the singer’s conduct.

A Brief Profile of Keisya Levronka

Keisya Levronka, born on March 15, 2000, is a talented Indonesian singer and actress who rose to fame through her participation in a popular singing competition. She quickly gained popularity for her soulful voice and youthful charm, captivating the hearts of fans across the nation.

Hit Songs

Tak Ingin Usai (2023)
Better On My Own (2023)
Jadi Kekasihku Saja (2021)
Tak Pantas Terluka (2023)

Amidst the ongoing controversy, it has come to light that Keisya Levronka’s official Instagram account @keisyalevronka is currently inaccessible. When users attempt to access her profile, a message reads, “Maaf, halaman ini tidak tersedia” (translated as “Sorry, this page is unavailable”).

While the exact reason behind the unavailability of her Instagram account remains uncertain, some speculate that it may be linked to the criticism she has been facing following the podcast.

As the discussion surrounding Keisya Levronka’s podcast appearance intensifies, it remains to be seen how the singer will address the criticism and whether she will take any steps to rectify the situation.

Netizens continue to share their thoughts on the matter, further fueling the conversation around the singer’s conduct on the popular podcast.