Pi Network Miners Take It Easy! On Ice Network, the Balance Decreases If It’s Not Active

On Ice Network, the balance decreases if it's not active
On Ice Network, the balance decreases if it's not active

Jakarta, Beritabulukumba.com – The system for mining digital currency (crypto) is always unique and has a different system.

If on the Pi Network miners can relax if they have collected a lot of coins.

In contrast to the Ice Network application, which will lose money if you are relaxed, aka not active.

If for some time miners do not mine Ice coins, the mining balance will decrease.

This makes the total supply of ice coins unable to be calculated because it depends on several factors.

“The total supply of ice coins is influenced by various factors such as the number of registered users, active miners, events such as halving, bonuses and slashing,” wrote Ice’s official account on Twitter @ice_blockchain in response to members’ questions, Tuesday (18/7).

Ice emphasized that Ice is not like other projects where you can casually do nothing when you think you have a lot of coins.

Because Ice has a unique feature that reduces the amount of the balance when the user is not actively mining.

“Unlike other projects, on ice, if you don’t actively participate, you may experience a reduction in your coin balance due to the truncation mechanism,” he wrote again.

This unique feature also makes it difficult to predict the total supply of Ice coins after Stage 1.

“Because it is highly dependent on user activity levels. As a result, it is currently impossible to determine the exact total supply until Phase 1 is completed,” he concluded. ***