First in the World, National Crypto Exchange Present in Indonesia

First in the World, National Crypto Exchange Present in Indonesia

Jakarta, – The plan to launch Indonesia’s national crypto exchange has become the topic of coverage by a number of foreign media.

In general, foreign media explored Indonesia’s plans to launch a crypto exchange which may be a new initiative.

Like the news published by in the article ‘Indonesia to Launch Crypto Exchange in July’.

The Twitter account that actively drops crypto news @the_newscrypto also provides Breaking News info regarding this.

“Indonesia is launching its own national cryptocurrency exchange soon 🔥 Get ready for a game-changing development in the #crypto space!,” he wrote.

As previously reported, the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) plans to launch a national crypto exchange in July 2023.

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So far, crypto exchanges will be Physical Crypto Asset Traders who have permission to trade crypto assets.

It’s just that crypto assets that can be traded are crypto assets that have met Bappebti’s requirements (legal).

It was previously reported that the Indonesian Ministry of Trade would launch a national cryptocurrency exchange in June 2023.

The original target was December 2022, but the project was delayed until it was rescheduled for this July.